JAVA Syllabus

Introduction to JAVA

An overview of Java:

Object oriented programming, Two paradigms, abstraction, the, OOP principles, Java

class libraries

Date types, variables and arrays:-Integers, floating-point types, characters, Boolean, Iterates, Variable, Data types and casting, automatic type promotion in expressions arrays. Operators: -Arithmetic operators, bit wise operators, relational operators, Boolean logical assignment operators, the? Operator, operator precedence Control


-Java's selection statements, iteration statements, jump statements Introduction to classes: Class fundamentals, declaring object reference variable, Introducing methods, constructors, the key word, garbage collection, the finalize () method. Methods and Classes :-Overloading methods, using objects as parameters classes, using exceptions.

Multithreaded Programming:

The Java thread model, the main thread, creating thread,creating multiple thread, using is alive () and join (). Thread priorities, synchronization, Inter thread communications, suspending resuming and stopping thread using multithreading

String handling:

The string constructor, string length, special string operator character extraction, string comparison, searching string, modifying string, data conversion, changing the case of characters, string buffer.


Networking basics, Java and the Internet Address, TCP/IP client Sockets Applet Class URL, URL connection, TCP/IP server Sockets The The Applet Class: its architecture displays methods. The HTML APPLET. Passing parameters to Applet. The get Documentation Base () and get Code Base () methods